Communication has always been a popular subject worldwide. It refers to the studies on all forms of interaction among human being. Communication is a practical field of study, graduates have tons of career option after graduation. AAS would like to introduce some popular majors that are under communication and their career prospects.

Here are some popular majors in a communication degree: Public Relations, Journalism and Mass Communication, Digital Media, Advertising and so on. Although every major has their own expertise, they have similarities in general. Not only will your written and verbal communication skills be sharpened, your media knowledge will also be advanced. If you love writing and interacting with others, communication might be an awesome one for you!

Although there’s no certain occupation qualifications for communication graduates, they have wide range of choice since they have earned some practical skills from the communication degree which can be adopted to many industries and occupations. Graduates mainly take part in the following industries/ occupations: press and media, Public Relations, (Digital) Marketing, Advertising production, copywriting and content creation.

English Language Requirement


Study Plan

Diploma + Bachelor of Communication1 + 2 Years
Bachelor of Communication3 Years
Master of Communication2 Years

Recommended Universities

Queensland University of Technology, The University of Queensland, RMIT University, University of New South Wales, Monash University

Career Outcomes

Advertising Specialist



Public Relations Professional

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