Quantity Surveying (QS) is one of the fields in the surveying industry. Generally speaking, QS is about all money in the process of construction. Not only does quantity surveyor is a migration professional, but it also has great career prospects! For those who are interested in surveying, you should definitely consider a QS degree! AAS hereby introduce you the duties, prospects as well as related programs of QS for you!

Quantity surveyors are responsible for evaluating and checking the costs of a contraction or an architecture. Their duties are included from bidding to construction assessment review. By filed trips, laboratory work and placement. QS programs in Australia offer a golden opportunity for students to study construction management, cost plan, related policies and laws and so on.

The annual average salary of a quantity surveyor is AUD $75000. What’s more, the demand for QS workers in Australia has been increasing over years! To become a qualified quantity surveyor, you have to complete accredited degrees and pass the skills assessment by AIQS (Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors).

English language requirements


Study Plans

Foundation + Bachelor of Urban Development 1 + 3 years
Bachelor of Urban Development4 years
Master of Construction Management2 years

Recommended Universities

Queensland University of Technology, Bond University, University of New South Wales, Deakin University

Career outcomes

Quantity Surveyor

Migration prospects

Quantity Surveyor is on the MTLSSL (Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List). There are many types of visas that lead you to become a permanent resident in Australia.

You must have a positive skills assessment from AIQS (Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors).

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