In general, the primary and secondary education in Australia is 12 years in total. In Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania, primary school refers to grade 1-6 while secondary refers to grade 7-12. As for Queensland, Southern Australia, Western Australia and Northern Territory, grade 1-7 is primary education and grade 8-12 is secondary education. Grade 12 students are required to complete external examination and internal assessments for the certificate of education. They will be the key for university admission.

Students’ language ability can definitely be sharpened when they are studying in an English-rich environment. Apart from language, students’ cultural sensitivity and international horizon would also be advanced by reaching various cultures and lifestyles.What’s more, compared with Asian education, the Australian education offers more options and flexibility for students. Students can choose courses in accordance to their interests. Some of the subjects in Australia may not be provided in high school curriculum in Asia, such as psychology, aviation, political science and so on. Doing secondary school in Australia is beneficial to prepare for students’ higher education learning. There are 4 terms for each academic year, February is the main commencement of school.