The demand for nurses in Australia keeps increasing over the years. Due to the aging population in many countries in the world, the demand for nurses in the world has been soaring as well! Speaking from career prospects, it would be a good choice for you either to stay in Australia or going back to your home country after graduation, since the demand for nurse is expected to rise in the future! AAS hereby introduce the duties of nurse, its future as well as the related programs.

Nurses conduct all clinical operations and nursing activities related to medical treatment in hospitals or in the field in accordance with laws, regulations and nursing standards. Generally speaking, nurses give medical service in accordance to doctor’s instructions. Yet, some well-trained and senior nurses work independently with their own expertise and experiences. According to the survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, health-science-related occupations are the top priority for female workers while registered nurse are rated as second popular. Australia society demands nurses so much and people all respect them!

English language requirements


Study Plans

Diploma + Bachelor of Nursing1.5 + 2 years
Bachelor of Nursing3 years
Master of Nursing2 years

Recommended Universities

The University of Queensland, University of Technology Sydney, Queensland University of Technology, The University of Sydney, Monash University

Career outcomes

Registered Nurse

Enrolled Nurse

Migration prospects

Registered Nurse is on the MTLSSL (Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List). There are many types of visas that lead you to become a permanent resident in Australia.

Applicants must have a positive skills assessment from AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency).

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