485 Graduate visa opens for offshore application

Coronavirus has been a prevailing issue recently. Many international students chose to go home and continue their study online. Previously, the Australian government only allowed graduates to apply for 485 graduation visa only if they were in Australia. A good news is that today, the Australian government just announced international students who are currently outside Australia can also be eligible to apply for the visa. Now international graduates of Australia can now get to stay here longer.

Here is the latest arrangement for 485 graduation visa.

Whether graduates are onshore or offshore during the concession period (20th February 2020 – 19th September 2020) are now eligible for applying for the 485 graduation visa.

  1. 485 graduation visa for offshore applicants can start applying from 19th September 2020.
  2. Onshore applicants need to submit their applications within 6 months from their completion of study. If applicants were not in Australia during the concession period, they can submit their application within 12 months from their completion of their study.
  3. Offshore applicants’ visas are still valid when they are granted their visas during the concession period.
  4. Offshore applicants’ visas are still active if their visas are granted after the concession period.
  5. Offshore applicants’ visas can be activated when applicants arrive Australia. In other words, the duration of the graduate visa will not be impacted by COVID-19.

*’Outside Australia’ does not include immigration clearance.*

The latest announcement for the 485 graduation visa increases the flexibility of application, letting more students to apply. 

For any enquires or interests in the visa, feel free to contact AAS Education & Student Services.