What have AAS gone through in the year 2020?

AAS has back to work from Christmas and New Year holidays! So, please contact us if you have questions or difficulties with university application, visa administration, and immigration. We will provide both face-to-face and online consultation service to you.

AAS has been planning for 2021 in organising events and setting goals, but before that, let’s have look at what significances have happened in 2020 and what did AAS did!!

January: The COVID-19 pandemic has started to spread around Australia. Yet, the Australian government did not have a policy to cope with the issue at that time. AAS was working, as usual, helping students to accept university offers, purchase health insurance, apply for visas. Then, we organised some New Year celebration events.

February: The pandemic situation In Queensland was getting worse, till the 1st of February Australian government had implemented a policy to close the border to China. It caused a   panic to Chinese students for being able to enter the border or traveling to a third country for 14days of quarantine before coming to Australia. In the end, the Australian government has closed the international border to avoid importing new COVID cases from around the world, which a lot of international students were unable to start the semester as planned.

March:  AAS attended Market Day of QUT and Griffith. We also joined the QUTHKSA O-camp City Hunt activity to get to know more about Hong Kong international in Brisbane.

The pandemic was getting worse, the Shabu House buffet event that we organise annually was canceled due to the quarantine policy in Brisbane. UQ and QUT ceased the semester for one week to prepare to switch the studying mode from on-campus tutoring to online classes. As both students and tutors were taking time to adapt to the new teaching and learning mode, universities allowed international students to study fewer than 8 credits that semester. Besides, the AAS team also started working from home as the new policy was implemented. No matter where we base to work, we would always adhere to provide the best service in helping students with studying and immigrating!

April: It was the time of Easter, but the Australian government advised citizens to stay home during the pandemic. During this time of the year, normally, AAS would be going around Brisbane to meet with international high school students, to provide them the university application information. Unfortunately, we could only do this online this year.

June: The COVID-19 situation in Queensland was finally under control. The restriction in Brisbane was released step by step by the state government. Citizens could be at indoor and outdoor places freely. The society was getting back on track, and the AAS team was started to work in the office again and students could also visit our office for consultation since then!

Image result for queensland government roadmap easing

July: As the restriction was eased, we finally organised the first event for 2020 during the term break of high school students. We hold two meetings at MUM TEA in the CBD and SONG TEA in Sunny Bank respectively, aiming to provide more university information to high school international students. Moreover, it was super excited to hear about the Australian government’s announcement to give residents who hold a Hong Kong SAR passport a 5-year visa extension.

August: QTAC, VTAC, UAC were opened for application! There were 23 grade 12 international students who applied to university through AAS service in Brisbane.

September: International students who apply for 485 VISA would automatically get a 5-year extension. In the meantime, a lot of students were away from Australia which they were not able to apply for the 485 VISA in Australia. There was a new policy for international, from the 19th September, international students could submit the 485 VISA application outside of Australia.

October: AAS has presented by UQ the Excellence Award 2020, as UQ appreciated the performance of AAS in terms of helping international students to handle all the administration procedures.

November: We hold an afternoon tea gathering at MEET SWEET in Sunny Bank. There were around 50 students who attended the event. We aimed to provide more immigration and further study information to the students, so they could open to more opportunities for themselves.

December: 2020 was tough for a lot of us as the pandemic had affected people at different stages. Some might be struggling with what should they do after graduating, staying in Australia? Or search for opportunities overseas? AAS would base on students’ preference to provide suitable advice.

In 2021 we wish everything would be getting back on track. We promise that we will create fruitful events for international students over the year and we hope to interact with students closely. We are already planning for a few events in February, stay tuned with us for more updates!!