Why would you choose AAS?

A lot of students want to study abroad, and it is easier to have an agency to do the administration for you.  Choosing the institution, profession, accommodation, and applying for a visa, could be new and difficult for you. Education agency will base on your preference and capability to recommend to you the possible possibilities.  What makes AAS stand out from other education and student service agency?

• AAS provides a series of services

AAS services include education and immigration consultation, and visa application. Administrative procedures could be complicated and new to you, and we could handle them for you. For students who face difficulties such as not meeting the expected grades,  needing extra tuition, changing in profession or university, AAS can help you with all these problems.

• AAS is free of consultation and service fee

Students reach us for applying different education programs, and we will do our utmost to help the students. AAS does not take a service fee for administrative services, for example, visa application and insurance application. We will follow up with students situations and provide guidelines regularly. We will also help the students to adapt to the new living environment.

• AAS is the official representative of universities

AAS is a representative of over 500 institutions and we have close connections with overseas institutions. All our agents are professional and reliable. We are experienced and we attend events organised by different institutions regularly to learn the updated information so we can provide extensive information to the students.