485 Graduation Visa Reminder + Q&A

A 485 visa is necessary for international graduates who want to stay here after graduation. Here are some common questions about applying for this visa. Click HERE to read more about the eligibility for the visa.

*Only graduates who have taken courses in Australia two years or above (reaching the Australian Study Requirement) are eligible for applying for 485 visas. 

Q: I have studied a half-year Graduation Certificate before taking a Masters Degree, am I eligible for applying for a 485 graduation visa?

A: It depends on the situation. If all your credits were transferrable to the Masters Degree, and all your results from Graduation Certificate and Masters Degree are shown on your transcript, then you are eligible.

Q: I transferred my credits from other universities to continue my study in Australia. Am I eligible for applying for a 485 graduation visa?

A: As long as you have studied in Australia for two years, you are eligible already. If you still have any inquiries for the time upon applying for the visa, please do not hesitate to contact AAS Education.

Q: Can I apply for deferring my study to meet the Australian Study Requirement if my course is only 1.5 years?

A: No. Neither you fail nor purposely deferring the course is not acceptable.

*Graduate Work stream vs Post-Study Work stream

The 485 visa is categorized into two streams: graduate work stream and post-study workstream.

The Graduate Work stream is suitable for certificate or diploma graduates. The duration of the visa is 1.5 years. To apply for a 485 visa, you need to pass the skills assessment. In other words, your occupation should be consistent with your study field.

The Post-Study Work stream caters to undergraduate, masters, or PhD students. The duration of the visa ranges from two to four years depending on your qualifications.

**If your first student visa was granted before 5th November 2011, you can only apply for the Graduate Work stream.

Q: I studied a bachelor degree first and then diploma. After I complete the course, can I apply for the Post-Study Work stream?

A: No. Your latest qualification determines which stream you can apply for. A diploma graduate is only able to apply for Graduate Work stream.

*485 visa must be applied onshore within 6 months after you complete your course.

The completion date means the date stated on your completion letter but not the date of your graduation ceremony.

Applicants must be onshore Australia when they submit the application.

Friendly reminder: Many students got rejected from the application due to insufficient documents. To secure your visa application, please contact AAS Education and we will assist with your application.

For any enquires, feel free to contact AAS Education.