6 Determinants in Choosing a Right Student Accommodation in Australia

Coming to study in Australia soon? Arranging your accommodation in Australia will be the most critical task for an international student. Student accommodation is without a doubt an ideal first home in Australia and also one of the most popular options for new international students. However, you may wonder how to choose between different student accommodations with so many different choices in the market. Make sure to read this article if you are considering staying in student accommodation.

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1. Location

Most of the student accommodations are very conveniently located. Depending on your needs and preferences, there are different options and locations that are close to your school or close to the city. If you don’t want to rush to school or spend time travelling to your uni, staying closer to your school would be a perfect choice for you.

You’ll also need to consider other factors like the distance to supermarkets, restaurants, and public transport as well if you are not driving.

student accommodation location

2. Utilities & Internet

As you may know, utility bills could be quite expensive in Australia. However, utilities and unlimited internet connections are usually included in the rent for most of the student accommodation, making it the biggest advantage and strongest reason for staying in student accommodation. If you stay in bill-included student accommodation, you can turn on the air-con anytime and enjoy unlimited wifi without worrying about the bills. 

However, there are still some bill-excluded student accommodations. You should therefore check the website and contract carefully before making payment.

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student accommodation Utilities & Internet bills

3. Amenities & Facilities

Different student accommodations in different locations have different amenities and facilities. Some luxurious student accommodations have study rooms, game rooms, cinema rooms, laundry, and even a 24/7 gym. On the contrary, some may be simpler and may not even have air conditioning. It really depends on your needs and budget. 

You can always check the list of amenities and facilities on the student accommodation website or take a virtual tour on their website as well. You can also ask us for suggestions.

student accommodation Amenities & Facilities

4. Community Activities

As an international student new to Australia, you may find it difficult to meet new friends or join a community. Student accommodation organises different activities occasionally and is therefore one of the best places for you to socialise and meet new people who are from different cultural backgrounds.

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student accommodation social activity

5. Room Types and Furniture

From shared rooms to studios, you can choose different types of rooms based on your budget and preferences. Unlike rentals, student accommodations are usually fully furnished and you don’t need to buy your own furniture or appliances. It is more realistic for international students who will only stay in Australia for a few years.

student accommodation Room Types and Furniture

6. On-Site Support

On-site support is usually provided by most of the student accommodations. You can easily reach the property managers on-site if you forgot to bring your key or need to fix something in your room. But if you choose to stay in rentals, you cannot get immediate assistance most of the time. You will need to contact your agent to communicate and gain approval from the owner.

student accommodation on-site support

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