Graduates have to apply for 485 Visa within 6 months?

If you are planning to leave Australia over the holiday meanwhile wishing to apply for the 485 post-graduate working visa, you need to aware of the application duration details.

Onshore students who graduate by the end of 2020 have to submit the 485 visa application within 6 months after graduation, and you have to be in Australia while applying. The department takes two and a half months to process in usual cases. A lot of students struggle to come to Australia due to the COVID-19 traveling restrictions, which they may not be able to finish their degree as scheduled or submit the visa 485 application.

The Australian government has extended the application deadline for graduates who are offshore from Australia from February 2020- September 2020. Graduates overseas can apply for the visa within 12 months after graduation and they can submit the application overseas. However, this does not apply to graduates who are currently in Australia. For graduates in Australia, they have to apply for the visa within 6 months after graduation.

If you have to leave Australia, don’t worry!

As the travelling restriction keeps changing, we recommend students to complete the administration and apply for the visa before leaving the country, which will be easier when you come back next time in the future.

If you have any inquiries for visa application and studying overseas don’t hesitate to contact AAS to find out more.