Time to give up as an accounting student?

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Immigrating with the CPA or accounting qualifications had been a popular trend over the past two decades. Unfortunately, there are more speculations about accounting is no longer on the skill required list for immigration. 

A 25-year-old student C from Hong Kong, she has graduated from a three-year accounting degree. She soon got a job from a Chinese company, working as a part-time accountant. During 2018-2019, she was preparing to apply for permanent residency. She took the CCL, got straight eights in IELTS, had work experience in the field, and reached the age of 25 to get as many points as she could to apply for 189 EOI. Her graduation visa was expiring by the end of 2019, but she could not reach the required point of the EOI. She could apply for a working holiday visa with the background as a foreigner; yet, it could only extend her visa for a year. She negotiated with the firm about sponsoring her visa. However, the employment relationship involved conflicts of interest which the employer did not provide her the immigration support. As the year 2020 is ending soon so as her visa, what could she do with the situation? 

Cases like Student C are common. Students put in their effort to meet the requirements for immigrating, but things are not working out for them. What can accounting students do with immigration nowadays? 

A few years ago, if you get 85-100 points for EOI with getting straight eights in IELTS or in equivalent in four 79 in PTE, you could get an invitation for visa 189. Starting from this year, accounting as a professional to apply for immigration has become a complicated situation. As shown in the graph below, in June, July, and August 2020, the number of invitations for accounting application were at the lowest. 

The number of invitations was zero!

Have a look at the financial year of 2020-2021, the Department of Home Affairs has given out 1,000 immigration places for accounting professional, photo retrieved from https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/working-in-australia/skillselect/occupation-ceilings

Look closer to the remarks* at the bottom of the page with the link. 

There are 1,000 accounting professional skill immigration places, but it is not only for the Visa 189, it is included in other Visas in the Skill Stream. Accounting professional applicants from Visa 189 Skilled independent immigration, Visa 190 Skilled Nominated visa, Visa 491 Skilled Work Regional (Provisional), and Visa 482 Temporary Skill Shortage visa are all included in the 1,000 places. In other words, it is a tough pathway to apply for immigration with an accounting professional due to the limited places. 

Especially during the time of the pandemic, international students have fewer opportunities than local students. Students who plan to immigrate through the accounting pathway might face a challenging time. AAS service are pleased to provide free consultations for student, depending on your situation. 

If you are interested in studying accounting professionals, but not considering immigrating, it wouldn’t be hard for you to get a job after graduating and apply for the two-year 485 Graduation Visa. 

If you are planning to immigrate to Australia with the accounting professional path, you may consider:

1. Change your profession

2. Do a double degree with other profession or qualification

3. Do a master after graduating from the bachelor.

For further consideration, it would be better if you choose to study in designated areas, such as Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, etc, to get the Visa 491. 

AAS can base on your preference to provide the most suitable plan for you in terms of field of professional, institution, and plan. We are here for you, do not hesitate to contact us!